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"The performers delve into the piece wholeheartedly, while telling the story in the most compelling way." Jacqueline Paladino. Independent Reviewer.

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"Ripple Effect Artists are a clever and competent company. REA is certainly a group to keep watching".--Sander Gusinow. Drama Queens.

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Ripple Effect Artists Inc. is dedicated to mounting cutting-edge theatrical productions of masterfully-written published works which ask bold questions and provoke dialogue. These productions, our education that empowers students, and our game-changing philanthropy boldly dare to move our audiences from APATHY to ACTION, creating a RIPPLE EFFECT in the larger community and world.

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"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful seminar. Your knowledge was only exceeded by your sharing and caring.The information you gave is invaluable."

-Joyce Korbin (AFTRA Seminar Coordinator)

We tacle themes such as gay rights,

Book a Corporate or Educational workshop from any of the options below. With these seminars, we are committed to ceating a Ripple Effect in the areas of Theare Education, Entreprenuersip, and Leadership.

Leadership: The Characterisitcs of Leaders with Results

Let the World Hear Your Voice: All the Steps to Writing and Publishing Your First Book.

What Method? The Different Ways an Actor Can Train

Make a Difference: Key Resources and Steps to Starting a Human Rights Initiative

Be Pepared: Essential Tools to Preparing for Higher Education.

We are currently booking for the Summer and Fall College Tour. For booking details and pricing, please visit "donate and contact."

Board of Directors

Jessica Jennings (President) -Fundraising Specialist, Actress. Ripple Effect Artists, American Theater of Actors.

Jessie Fahay (Vice President)-Author, Producer, Actress, Business Development. Ripple Effect Artists, Next Level Practice, Education and Financial Aid Services.

Cindy Fahay (Secretary/Treasurer)- Marketing Professional. McGraw Hill.

Advisory Board Members

Matt Blank- Editor, Photographer.

Michael Fahay- Photographer. Maine Audubon Society.


Jessie Fahay (Executive Director)

Jessica Jennings (Development Director)

Glenn Last (Human Resources Manager)

Natalie Craig (Graphic Design)

Hope Cochran (Education Outreach)


Ensemble Director-Edward Stanley

Ensemble Coordinator- Kyle Sallee

Nicole Allen

Nick Demarco

Joseph Ebenshade

Jessie Fahay

Melinda Grace

Jessica Jennings

Shayna Lawson

Thomas Leverton

Peter Mele

Terrence Montgomery

Erin Nelson

Meytal Nevarro

Beth Newberry

Valerie O'Hara

Nowani Rattray

Robert Shryock

Chris Spurrier

James C. Stewart

Kate Tenetko

Jeremy Weber

Founder Website

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